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Are you a songwriter ? An amazing vocalist ? 

perhaps you are an upcoming artist that just needs to be heard ?  maybe you simply kill it ... playing your instrument ?
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" recordings are forever, and a good one will live long after you have left this earth…"

Brian Withycombe 2023

for the first time starting in 2023, brian is offering his skills and resources to help artists and songwriters get their songs professionally produced. from a simple piano/vocal demo, to a full on production involving many musicians and singers, no project is too small or dream too big. brian is also available to produce, compose, or arrange, customized music for companies, trade shows, and businesses of all size.  

Why Choosing Brian Matters

Produced, arranged, orchestrated, and played on over 3000 recordings over his career. 

Many of Brians original tracks and productions are played daily around the world in over 30 countries. 

A track record of success spanning 30 plus years in all areas of music production.

Extensive “A” list of award winning artists, singers, and players that can be available to play on your track.

His ability to play or emulate all the instruments in an entire track saving money if your budget is tight.

The skills to bring out the best in an artist by going the extra mile to find that elusive “magic moment”. 

Vast background in all styles of music from, Rock to Country, Blues to Jazz, Pop to Fusion, Funk to Soul, and all the many sub genres. 

Achieving your goal: to finally have a track worthy of being played on-air and streamed or downloaded. 

Are You In Need of a Music Producer ?

Please message Brian telling him a little about yourself, and how he can help. He will contact you and setup a meeting to go over your project, your options, costs, and a timetable for delivery of your completed master recording. 


This is a demo of snippets of a wide variety of songs to give you an idea of what is possible. NOTE: On some of these tracks I played all the instruments. Some are my originals, and some versions of popular songs that we redid. If your style of music is not represented, no worries, as I have played, composed, arranged and produced in all the following music styles: pop, jazz, R&B, soul, rock, country, classical, world, reggae, funk, industrial, latin, techno, new-age, ambient, hip-hop, fusion, and all the many sub-genres.  

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