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private instruction

creative direction






An experienced and trusted adviser.

"There is no single musical path or direction that everyone uses to achieve their goals. 


That is the beauty of art
and what makes us human".

Motivation | Inspiration | Emotional Support

Supplying guidance & direction to students by helping them to understand their personal strengths as they apply to music and how to design a path that takes full advantage of those special attributes.

Exploring the many different careers in the music industry | sharing insights to varied paths.

Setting goals | developing a focused timetable to achieve them.

Helping artists develop and craft their unique sound and style.

Being there with answers when questions arise that cannot be explained, clarified or are out the scope of most instructors.

Going beyond that of a paid instructor just teaching piano lessons, and becoming a trusted friend that listens thoughtfully and shares experience and wisdom. 

Brian Withycombe Music Mentor
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