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" Skype and FaceTime have allowed me to reach out to students throughout the world. There is no substitute for a one-on-one lesson between a teacher and a student."

<Below is a beginner lesson on note names>

Why take online lessons with

Brian Withycombe ?

Private Access to one of the top piano teachers in the country. His experience and knowledge are unique and invaluable.

28 years of experience teaching students of all levels from beginners to touring professionals.

No commuting in traffic trying to get to your lesson on time. Use that extra wasted time to practice and prepare. 

You can study in the comfort of your own home on your instrument and not in some little room in the back of a music store.

With a good internet connection, you can live anywhere in the world and study with Brian.

Every student has questions that are simply not covered anywhere in textbooks or posted videos. Getting those essential answers right away leads to confidence and the inspiration to keep learning. 

You can record Brian’s lessons and play them back.

For students wishing to advance to the pro or semi-pro level for playing gigs, composing, or arranging and recording Brian’s mentoring program covers all of these skills.

This is an example of a Online Skype Piano Lesson with Brian. This was an intermediate to advanced lesson so if you are a beginner it may seem confusing.  However, no worries, you will develop these same skills in short order.  Also, this was originally a class video with 10 advanced students in attendance.  Even so, it gives you an idea how Brian is able to break down complex concepts and put them in terms that are easily applied.

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